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A You Tube video entitled "e Harmony Video Bio" has absolutely blown up overnight, pretty much epitomizing the term "going viral." The video wants you to believe that it is some sort of leaked online dating service bio, and it features a young, attractive girl with an extreme affinity for her feline companions.The video info says, "I'm Debbie, I love cats and I just want a soulmate! The 2 1/2 minute video starts off quite normal and then turns really funny when Debbie can't get a grip on her emotions when talking about cats.Kalel also gained much attention for her romantic involvement with another popular internet star, Anthony Padilla.The couple often collaborated on their You Tube projects which proved to be beneficial for the careers of both.Feel free to add your own You Tube channel or other ladies' channels you enjoy below.She does comedic Let's plays of casual and big name games.Sure, it's fake, but it's a lesson on how to go viral. The video was posted by user hartmanncara, who has another video on her channel entitled "Cara and Kara." The video features the same girl as the cat video, but this time she acts as a pair of Siamese twins named, as you would expect, Cara and Kara.So the main question with something like this - does "fakeness" serve as the kiss of death?

crazy cat lady” on her Facebook profile, Kalel is known for her highly entertaining videos as well as her poignant posts on animal rights.The video has been picked up by a ton of blogs and news sites, ranging from Mashable to CBS.Some play it pretty straight, talking about how crazy Debbie is and making no mention of the validity. Check it out: It's definitely not a real e Harmony dating service video bio, that I can say with certainty.The video was a submission to a contest held by Justin Bieber who challenged fans to create a "Girlfriend" counterpart to his hit song "Boyfriend".The video, which satirized elements of the Bieber song that have been perceived as clingy, featured Morris staring at the camera with a fixed smile while singing about Facebook-stalking her boyfriend and other themes.Overly Attached Girlfriend, often abbreviated to OAG, is a fictional character and an Internet meme originating in a viral You Tube video published on June 6, 2012.The character was created by Laina Morris (born June 22, 1991), better known mononymously as Laina.Having enjoyed her first taste of success with this channel, she proceeded to create another channel where she posted lifestyle, vlogs and advice videos.Though she eventually deleted both these channels, she went on to start several other channels in the ensuing years.It's an acting job, and a pretty funny one at that.The video on You Tube was first posted on June 3rd and already has almost 3/4 of a million views.

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