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It was 71 degrees Fahrenheit (22 C) when I got up this morning. It was a beautiful morning for breakfast outdoors and... When I was 49 that boy named Michael contacted me wanting to know if I was willing to have a relationship with him. In between the two, we had breakfast at Panera, on the patio. She is also worried to report the situation to the police precinct.

Bo was a laid-back marvelous mutt; a dog who knew how to chill. The yard sale starts at 8 Am and it is 8 right now. =) I'm hoping we can go to the park or something if it's not raining. Yup it's true that am getting married in October an it is 2 my high school sweetheart of 30 years I can't believe that I'm back with her again an it just makes me so happy an humble that we r back 2gether again so, have you...See below for some top-rated discussions from the last couple of days. It didn't take as long as I thought it would and I got to read a lot of great and exciting posts. We have a few things to do to put the rental back in shape before we leave. I haven't had a lot of time in the past to visit all those I follow so it was a... He's been in pain for days, unsure why and the rash devloped a couple of days ago. I thought I just went to the doctor but somewhat the doctor arranged the surgery for me right after that. That is important in order to get our 0 deposit back! If you don’t know what I mean, have a look at 15 funny Yahoo Answers questions from Yahoo users. If you need to work out those face and belly muscles, here you go! If those got you hooked, check out more funny Yahoo!Smartass Answer: Turn the computer upside down and shake it. You see when you die a little microchip goes off in your brain and instantly deactivates any accounts you may have. Any other suggestion, such as geological uplift of the ancient seabed at points of tectonic plate subduction, would be mere hocus-pocus and superstition. Answers on these pages: Tina has been writing about consumer technology for over a decade.Was your answer removed due to a "chatting" violation?Learn what it means, and how you can avoid this type of violation in the future.Since every question is moderated, most of the embarrassing fun is edited out and the most ridiculous questions never see the light of day.From an entertaining point of view that is too bad, but on the other hand, we really want to make the world a smarter place. Coming in at # 2 on my favorite cartoon cats series is Looney Tunes 3 time academy award winning Sylvester the black and, white tuxedo cat, maybe the funniest cartoon cat as well and, one of my favorites, he's always chasing the... It is suppose to be in this whole area and we are suppose to be on a map. We don't really have any plans but we may go for a drive later if it stays nice. I know we are going to church on Sunday, I can't wait for that.As the editor of Make Use Of Answers I see a lot of tech-related questions every day.

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