Wireless connection stuck on validating identity

When status is Connected, tap Advanced to view the client's assigned IP address.

wireless connection stuck on validating identity-76

When Wi-Fi is on, a signal indicator appears at the top right corner of your home screen.

My city cares only for the millennials and Notre Dame...the street from me. I can barely get around, plus am blind in one eye & the other is not a lot better. I lost my eyesight in one eye this past year & now the other one seems to be fading.

We need phones with big letters or be able to use our voice to dial & send messages! Yes, there are many who begrudge us phone service to the outside world.....those who have it all.

Some people will get something in their head [with a pea size brain] & you can, even, show them in black & white & they believe, only, what they want, too! Yes, people, it's hard to believe, but, for once, a Republican Administration did something for the low income people! Now carriers like Assurance have to offer a smart phone and include minimum minutes and data or they don't get any payment.

Everyone has their own opinions about it, but it has helped me out so much.

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