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Jason admits the sudden fame that came with the show definitely attributed to his "downward spiral." . There was a lot of pros to this -- there was a lot of things that came overnight that were very, very glamorous, I guess you can call it -- and that's when that downward spiral happened for me.

It ignited my addiction and things started to domino effect right before our own eyes, and before you knew it, it got out of control and I couldn't handle it." WATCH: Jason says his main problem was with alcohol and cocaine.

He now acknowledges that his addiction issues affected his drama-filled relationship with Lauren Conrad. "I became a totally different person active in my addiction versus when I'm sober and living life in recovery.

It's a totally different mentality and thought process -- the way my brain operates, it's completely different." Jason eventually attempted to get help on several occasions at different treatment centers across the country after getting arrested multiple times, but his turning point came when he attempted to commit suicide seven years ago.

“We went on a break from filming, it was like a couple of weeks in, I finally decided to end things,” Lauren says in the special.

“We broke up and I said, ‘You have three days to get your stuff out.

That was the last thing I thought was going to happen." WATCH: EXCLUSIVE -- 'The Hills' Cast Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary By Revealing the Reality Show's 7 Fakest Storylines Still, he doesn't blame his time on reality TV for his addictions. "I think it was more just a check-in, like, 'How are you doing?

Struggling with his alcohol addiction, the former reality star often found himself getting in bar fights, arrested for DUIs, or even attempting suicide — something he's been very open about in the seven years since making the decision to get sober on July 23, 2010. Yup, ANOTHER cast member from the mid-'00s hit reality show is expecting a baby.

Jason and Lauren may have broken up long ago, but we’ll never forget their rocky romance.He dated Lauren Conrad and during the next season of The Hills gossips of a sex tape between Jason and Lauren spread.Jason was even the motive that Lauren turned down an possibility to spend a summer in Paris. Jason stated he tried suicide once and thought about it a variety of times.I’m getting the locks changed on Monday.’ That was how we broke up.” So when Lauren and Jason met up in that iconic Poor Lauren.She really cared for Jason and didn’t want to see anything bad happen to him.Fast forward to now, Jason is happily married to his wife Ashley Slack, with whom he's expecting his first child (a baby GIRL! On Tuesday, Lauren Conrad's former flame, Jason Wahler confirmed that his wife is pregnant with their first child. The anniversary special, especially when it came to her love life on the MTV hit. Recognizing how far he's come on Thursday, the 30-year-old took to Instagram to share a before-and-after photo celebrating his sobriety: at this point!"Not contemplation -- actually attempting suicide -- and somebody found me and that's why I'm still here today. hopefully next year, we'll have a little junior." Jason says he doesn't keep in touch with most of his co-stars, and hasn't seen his ex, Lauren, in about a year.I'm very grateful for that." "How that all kind of lined up, obviously, somebody up above wanted me here for a reason and I'm very happy that I did not check out," he continues. I never would have guessed six years ago, I would be working in recovery, substance abuse, and mental health, considering I was paid to party. Still, there's no bad blood between the two despite their notoriously rocky relationship on the show.“I think that just really broke me because I felt a responsibility to take care of him,” she confesses.“And I felt like when we broke up, I was abandoning him because there was a lot of nights that I was getting 2 a.m.

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