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"We wanted to kick Flo's ass," said Nina Abnee, exec VP at Allstate's agency Leo Burnett.In Flo's one-hundredth ad, which went wide earlier this week, we meet Flo's bickering family.Competition for Progressive includes GEICO, Allstate, State Farm, USAA, Nationwide Insurance and the other brands in the Insurance: Auto & General industry.You can connect with Progressive on Facebook, Twitter and You Tube or by phone at 1-800-PROGRESSIVE.Someday shell lose her job for some reason or other, though not her fault, and shell be on the unemployment line with no prospects. Don't think of her as an employee, think of her as a mascot. The saddest part about "Flo" is that the comedienne who portrays her will likely never have another role as successful for the remainder of her life.Yeah, I know, its just fiction and maybe a cartoonish one at that, and not worth getting upset about, but it galls me to see this type of thing presented when so many people are suffering from un- or under-employment. And that she probably didn't want to be famous for series of commercials which simply have her parrot a group of scripted lines. I doubt she's riding a gold-plated horse through her money forest but I assume she's keeping the mortgage paid on parroting those groups of scripted lines (and associated licensing, etc).After that, she booked commercials with Quaker Oats, Mc Donald's, Wienerschnitzel, Skittles, and Toyota before becoming the face of Progressive.

She's able to do what she loves while having a fairly easy and very high paying and not time consuming job to cover all of her expenses and needs. The saddest part about "Flo" is that the comedienne who portrays her will likely never have another role as successful for the remainder of her life. A three year old can read so it doesn't say much about Flo. I don't know any actors who enjoy parroting scripted lines. Yes, Shakespeare is exactly the same as pitching a consumer product on television.I am very disturbed by the character Flo in all the Progressive Insurance ads on TV. This is a person with a low-ranking job who lives, eats, and sleeps for her company. He was out of work after the website went under and was out selling auto loans not much later. Why do they have her in a store, a 'brick and mortar' store? And the stuff on shelves is just boxes - that's not an insurance policy.She wears her uniform all the time, decorates her home with the employers motif and appears to have no life outside of work. It all sets a bad example for people who have never bought insurance and might be misled.We all know Flo from the Progressive commercials: the bright-red lipstick, the starched apron, the blue headband, and the ever-perky personality.But not many of us know anything about Stephanie Courtney, the actress who has portrayed Flo in dozens of Progressive television commercials since 2007.Here are a few interesting tidbits we've discovered about her.Stephanie Courtney's first commercial was for Bud Light back in 1999, which aired during the Super Bowl.Recently, Progressive Insurance launched a new national TV commercial where their main character, Flo, refers to riding the Pink Pony.Upon our contacting them to inform them of this pornographic sexual reference, they responded quickly and in a very positive action. Your assumption that this was an unintentional oversight is correct—we would never intentionally develop a commercial with inappropriate language.She evolved from her humble beginnings as a cashier into a love interest, a reality star and an insurance pusher; she made friends and enemies. Such approaches have allowed the character to stay relevant with consumers through 100 ads and counting, but CMO Jeff Charney said it's her relatable-nature that gives her staying power. an industry that is literally an arms race right now." Insurance companies have been warring to become top of mind with consumers.Allstate's "Mayhem" campaign was born out of this battle.

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