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" wrote one commenter in Russian."Shut your mouth, you abomination," wrote another.

Dralyuk and others say it's possible the reception for Russia's more flamboyant stars will grow less friendly as homophobic sentiment there escalates.

Eurovision is known as the favourite show for gays and housewives, and it indeed has a very potent gay following, is covered well by the queer media and LGBT issues have not once managed to take the centre stage there.

There is a big difference between the two: although Dana began her career as the first Israel drag queen, she had underwent reconstruction surgery before the contest and also legally became female while Conchita Wurst was unapologetically demanding to be accepted as a bearded man in a dress: ‘We are the people and we are the force to be reckoned with.’ was his/her motto. Israel is represented this year by a proud gay man Hovi Star.

In a 2012 rendition of his hit "Little Star," Boris Moiseev, a beloved 60-year-old Russian pop singer, takes the stage during an evening variety show in a characteristically bombastic outfit: sparkly sport-coat, beaded necklaces, magenta lipstick, and what can only be described as Princess Jasmine pants.

Backed by half-dressed dancers, he vamps his way through the dance hit, cocking his hips and waving his arms seductively."Who is the pervert who is painting himself?

The whole world learnt about Alexander Rybak after his victory on ESC.

The smiling Norwegian conquered the audience not only with his charisma but also with his talent as a composer.

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