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Martha Stewart was so desperate for a new husband, she resorted to “stalking” a wealthy man in the Hamptons — only to be confronted by his girlfriend, her ex-best friend claims in a new book. We spent entire East Hampton weekends hunting down The Mogul.” Eventually, Stewart dragged Pasternak up to his door, only to be confronted by another woman: “Who knew what a man like The Mogul might do if he found himself pushed just a tad too far by Martha’s in-your-face desperation?

In “The Best of Friends: Martha and Me,” Mariana Pasternak — who was close to the doyenne of domesticity for 20 years until she testified against Stewart in her obstruction of justice trial — describes how beneath Stewart’s steely façade, she “could be as naive as a little girl with men.” Pasternak says in the tell-all out tomorrow from Harper Collins: “There was a wealthy investment banker with whom Martha had a passionate fling, hoping he’d leave his fiancée for her. Each time she met a man she liked, Martha heard wedding bells, and each time she suffered indignities and disappointment.” Pasternak — who claims Stewart “had a surprising flexibility when it came to bedding down with a just-met mate” — describes her romantic encounter with a wealthy man dubbed “The Mogul.” “That he immediately ceased returning her calls was not part of Martha’s script,” Pasternak writes.

Hungarian-born Simonyi, 60, who made much of his fortune developing software at Microsoft, travelled to space in the crammed interior of the Soyuz rocket alongside Padalka and US astronaut Michael Barratt."I cannot fly for the third time because I have just married and I have to spend time with my family," Simonyi told a preflight news briefing from behind a sealed glass partition.

As preparations entered their final stage earlier in the day, Mr Simonyi looked confident as he bid farewell to friends who had gathered at the Soviet-era cosmodrome to wish him luck.

In fact, this is a very exciting time rivalling previous sea changes in the industry. One can imagine many new use scenarios that cut across devices.

The devices are getting better, especially new devices from Microsoft – the Surface Book, the Studio, and the Hub, for example. Just like the scene in the movie “Avatar,” when a scientist walks by a wall-size display and sweeps some data from his handheld device onto the wall.

I was truly privileged to take part in the PC revolution, from just a glimmer of what was to come while I was at Xerox, and then at Microsoft creating the ecosystem leading to the universal acceptance of the mouse-based GUI interface and networking.

Each unanswered phone call ratcheted up her obsession. The overhauled website, marthastewart.com, features more than 700 videos, including daily episodes of Miss Stewart's television shows and how-to clips on subjects ranging from cake baking to knitting. Mr Simonyi, 58, is the world's fifth paying space tourist, courtesy of the Russian Federal Space Agency.He returns to Earth on April 20, before which time he may have confirmed media predictions by proposing to Miss Stewart from space. Martha’s distress at her failed sentimental escapades made my heart ache.” The book also details how Stewart was humiliated on a trip to Europe when she came face-to-face with a much younger rival for her then-boyfriend, billionaire Charles Simonyi, and her pain after her husband, Andy, left her for her former assistant. Charles Simonyi is the second Hungarian in space and the fifth space tourist overall.Without this experience, I would have never considered that my business knowledge could help the progression of science technology.It completely changed my outlook.” - Eszter Major, Alumna, University of Pécs "Before participating in the Simonyi Center I was unsure where or what I would be working on.After considering a wide range of problems to tackle – and once Eric Anderson joined as CEO – we decided to focus our efforts on the development of a platform that is exceptional in its ability to represent, view, and interact with knowledge bases in general and heterogeneous distributed documents in particular.For the last two years, we were working closely with Microsoft to see if there are synergies between our technology and Microsoft’s plans, which eventually led to today’s acquisition announcement.Alan Kay at Xerox PARC made a bold prediction in 1972 of a future “Dynabook” that everyone could afford, no bigger than a largish book, with a flat display and which has the power of a “PDP-10.” In 1975, Bill Gates and Paul Allen set the goal of “a computer on every desk, in every home.” Microsoft software, such as BASIC, MS-DOS, Windows, Excel, Word, Office, and Internet Explorer were critical for the success of the PC revolution, not only by satisfying the customers but also by organizing an efficient ecosystem around “PC compatibility.” Without the ecosystem driving the economics, relying on the technology alone would have been much less dynamic.I recall the time in February of 1981 when I first joined Microsoft.

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