Vicky housewives of orange county dating

We're told she did some digging, and it led to a guy who was hired just 2 months ago.Our sources say Vicki believes the employee embezzled sales commissions to his personal account and poached clients from Vicki's son, Mike, who's a VP at the brokerage.We're told Vicki canned the guy, and filed a police report 2 weeks ago.

Gunvalson's current boyfriend made his debut on her Instagram on May 7, and the reality star shared that they've been dating for a short while. I think," the mom of two wrote alongside a photo of herself with her smiling beau.

#insuranceconvention A photo posted by Vicki Gunvalson (@vickigunvalson) on So far, it appears that he's been treating her well.

Gunvalson, 54, posted a photo of a beautiful bouquet of red roses several days ago and shared the backstory of the sweet gesture.

The way that Steve looks at Vicki and makes her feel like she is the only woman alive, that is what all women want! "When the two of them are together, he is incredibly affectionate and is touching her non-stop. ""Steve has been able to break down the walls that Vicki built up after Brooks," the source told Radar.

"It is just good to see her happy and everyone that knows her is happy for her.

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