Updating rubygems error

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This is a note for developers using the example applications and tutorials from the Rails Apps project.

If you’re getting started with Rails, or want an easier way to get started building your applications, see the Rails Apps example applications and tutorials. , the book Learn Ruby on Rails, and recommendations for a Rails tutorial. The Rails Apps project provides example applications that developers use as starter apps.

In the case of a new application generated from an application template hosted on Git Hub, the Ruby language interpreter uses Open SSL to connect to Git Hub.

The script replaces the outdated Open SSL security certificates on your Mac with new certificates from connection.If the Scout agent installed successfully, please run the following command.It sends us additional debugging info: Scout probably doesn't have access to the data file it needs to store information locally.The user running Scout may not be able to write to the data file.You can get around this by specifying a path to a data file (doesn't matter if it exists yet) that the if your current version of Rubygems is very old, this approach may not work either.Hundreds of developers use the apps, report problems as they arise, and propose solutions. you must recompile ruby with openssl support or change the sources in your gemfile from 'https' to 'http'.Rails changes frequently; each application is known to work and serves as your personal “reference implementation.” Each application is accompanied by a tutorial so there is no mystery code. Please accept our invitation to join the Rails Apps project. instructions for compiling with openssl using rvm are available at rvm.io/packages/openssl.At the top of the first file that your application loads (for Sinatra, the file that calls lists only three gems (with varying degrees of version strictness), your application depends on dozens of gems, once you take into consideration all of the implicit requirements of the gems you depend on.This is important: the makes your application a single package of both your own code and the third-party code it ran the last time you know for sure that everything worked.Ubuntu 8 (Hardy) in particular gives you an ancient version of rubygems through apt-get.So, first, uninstall any existing rubygems installation: cd ~ mkdir src; cd src wget xzf rubygems-1.3.5cd rubygems-1.3.5 sudo ruby sudo ln -s /usr/bin/gem1.8 /usr/bin/gem sudo gem update --system Scout identifies servers by their hostnames.

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