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(Particularly @mrdoob, @iquilezles, @alteredq.) If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, feel free to join the discussion below!Using D3D10, I am drawing a 2d rectangle and want to fill it with a texture (bitmap) that should change a few times every second (like displaying video).I am using a shader effect, with a Texture2D variable, and trying to update a ID3D10Effect Shader Resource Variable and redraw the mesh.My actual usage will be by copying bitmaps from memory, and using Update Subresource. Basically, anything Ge Force 6 or above support PS 3.0. Here is a link to a chart and which cards support PS 3.0.Según la versión de Píxel Shader implementada en la tarjeta gráfica o su compatibilidad con determinada versión de Direct X (DX en resumen), los juegos serán compatibles o no con el PC. ATI/AMD serie HD 5000 y 6000, n Vidia series GT 400, GT 500 y GT 700.

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Optional: after updating the opengl rendering target but before rendering the triangle, query the opengl implementation to determine which versions of shaders are supported by the rendering target, list the tested shaders and the available shaders and then use a supported shader.I just purchased a new NVIDIA graphics card 2 days ago, and it came with pixel shader 2.0. i just found out that many new games require pixel shader 3.0 to run them. But it did not work, so I reduced it to test switching between two DDS images.The result is that it draws the first image as expected, but keeps drawing it instead of switching between the two images. Can you explain if this method can work at all, or suggest the right way to do it.The most common use for pixel shaders is 'shading', approximation to real world lighting. Pixel shaders are executed on your video card, so your video card needs to support them.Each new version provides more capabilities, so an older video card will not run newer shaders.A new version of the pixel shader specification (e.g.Pixel Shader 3.0) is usually released for each new version of Direct X (more accurately, Direct3D). But instead of using a mechanism such as gl Color3d, use a pixel shader for each pixel in the triangle.The pixel shader should pick a random RGB color for each pixel.

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