Updating child records ado

If the user clicks on the button in the "customer ID" column he or she will be taken to a new file called "demo_update.asp".The "demo_update.asp" file contains the source code on how to create input fields based on the fields from one record in the database table.If you have any compliments or complaints to MSDN Support, feel free to contact [email protected] there, What is the best way to insert new records for Parent (if not exists) and then Child.In ADO, this object is the most important and the one used most often to manipulate data from a database.

Well, the above thing can be possible by first inserting Parent Table in Database directly, get the Identity column and than use to for Child tables.But I want to this as an automatic operation (Like LINQ to SQL which takes care of Primary & Foreign key in datacontext.) I such thing possible in Dataset which takes care of Autogenerated column for Parent and child tables?Thanks, ABB THIS SHOULD BE DONE BEFORE CHILD ROWS '--- Now Add Child Rows!!! Add TOrder Detail Row(dr Order, "detail Value1") my DS. Add TOrder Detail Row(dr Order, "detailvalue2") '.... '--- Update Parent table first my Table Adapter TOrder. TOrder) '--- As soon as you run this Update above for parent, the new parent row's Auto ID(-1) '--- will become real number given by SQL server.If there are no records, the BOF and EOF property are True.I have to update a column 'PPMOProject ID' in the table, but in such way that if it is empty and tricky part is I have a scope of only parent child relation ship in the table like if MP- master parent, P- parent, Child - C: ID Parent ID PPMOProject ID MP1 NULL NULL //updating here by 889 P1 MP1 898 //It should not update, because it contains already value P2 MP1 NULL//it should update by 889 if it is empty else skip it C1 P1 NULL//Here it should update by 898 C2 P1 NULL//Here it should update by 898 C3 P2 NULL//Here it should update by 889 As per above logic : When I updating PPMOProject ID in parent record, I have to check all children's and master children's , if the record is empty I have to update by Immediate record parent, it that parent is empty and need to update by master column ID, if parent record has column ID , should update by Parent ID itself.Questions on the Salesforce Answers Community have always been a great source for my blog post ideas/content.Here is another one that made me brainstorm the possible solutions and I finally ended up using Process Builder and the @Invocable Method annotation (Apex) since that seemed to be the most convenient and elegant method to accomplish the requirement.This is the question that triggered my thought process: https://success.salesforce.com/answers?id=9063A000000p4t7 Business Requirement: I am attempting to compile all states (existing picklist value where they select one state) from a series of child records, and then combining them into a single text line of states a record covers.Without further ado, let’s get down to implementing this.There will be two main pieces in this automation: See how simple it is to set that up?

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