Taylor kitsch and connie britton dating jordanian dating

She then got a photo with Britton backstage and was even given a "Friday Night Lights" birthday cake!5.) Street & Saracen were roomies Even though they barely had any scenes together during the first season, actors Zach Gilford and Scott Porter were roommates off the set in Austin.While shooting a scene when she jumped out of a car, Louanne says Matt "grabbed my left breast and I know he was hoping that I would let it go and I almost did ...but then I stood up and said 'Zach, what was that?! ' He turned so red."3.) Some habits are hard to break Connie Britton had the entire audience cracking up after she called out her TV husband for accidentally addressing Scott Porter by his character's name, "Jason," during the press conference.4.) Mae Whitman is a "FNL" superfan During the press conference, the "Arrested Development" and "Parenthood" star was the first one to ask a question from the audience.It’s hard for me to process the fact that, tonight at 9 p.m., one of my favorite television shows will be coming to an end.“Friday Night Lights” has been brilliant since minute one and, five seasons later, it has remained a joy to watch.

Chandler will be back on the screen this year in the Netflix series Bloodline. What she's up to now: Since leaving Dillon for good, Minka went on to have a role in the NBC series Parenthood, which was created by the executive producer of Friday Night Lights. What he's up to now: Since purchasing his plot of land in Dillon, Taylor Kitsch was on the big screen in the fantasy film John Carter. QB 1 stole our hearts in Dillon, and we're not sure we will ever get them back.

because since Friday Night Lights ended, she hasn't lost.

Britton went on to land roles in the first season of American Horror Story and the ABC drama Nashville.

She is currently working with the non-profit fashion ABLE which sells products that help build a sustainable business in Africa. Next up, you can catch him in second season of True Detective, out later this year. What she's up to now: Since her days as the daughter of the GREATEST TV COUPLE IN HISTORY, Aimee Teegarden appeared in a Demi Lovato music video before landing a starring role in the CW drama Star-Crossed. She also co-founded Haute Hammer, a lifestyle blog. What he's up to now: After saying goodbye to high school football, Scott Porter went on to star in CBS's The Good Wife and can be seen alongside Rachel Bilson in CW's Hart Of Dixie.

I think we're all waiting with bated breath to see Tim Riggins back on the screen again. Porter wed in 2013, and made a special appearance in the series finale of Parenthood in January of this year, where he was shown with a family just like he always wanted during his days spent in Dillon. What he's up to now: Since his days in Crucifictorius, Jesse Plemons went on to land a role in the acclaimed AMC show Breaking Bad.

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