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Yes, the age difference bothers me, but not nearly as much as her inviting a guy whom my brothers have NEVER MET move in with them!I feel like she is disregarding her role as mother in favor of some new relationship that gives her a sense of value.Then my grandmother gave me the rest of the details: the guy my mom is dating is 22 and is moving in with her in less than a month.Apparently, she has been secretly dating this guy for months. If you have a relationship/dating question I can help answer, you can send me your letters at [email protected](be sure to read these guidelines first). I am 24-years-old my mother, who is now 46, divorced my father when I was 13, after years of dealing with his alcohol abuse, many physical altercations, and his refusing to take his medication or go to therapy for his bipolar disorder. I was talking to my grandmother on the phone yesterday, and she told me that she found out my mom was seeing someone.

In most of the country, bragging rights belong to the person who put herself through college, saved up for the downpayment on his house, and never took a cent from parents after graduating high school. I had to talk to one of my herpes dating site nanaimo teachers. And not just because our children have no idea what a pay phone.She met him online, and they met for the first time in real life this September. I wrestled with the age difference, and my Grandmother talked me down from my state of dumfounded shock.She told my grandmother that she didn’t tell anyone because she said she knew we would judge her (damn straight! She told me my mom was old enough to make her own mistakes, and that we would talk about it more when I saw her in person on Thanksgiving. But the more I thought about it, the angrier I got.t's a no brainer that only desperate men date single moms, but I figure I put some analysis behind it.Not only are these men desperate, but they have no self-worth in themselves because they willing want to raise another man's offspring, most likely "bad boy" offspring at that, and take resources from their labors that could be used to propagate their own biological offspring - which even further makes them biological failures along with being desperate and having no self worth.Related: Why do so many married women want to join my single moms groups? Ladies, if your husband is away on a hunting trip for a weekend, you are not a single mom.And my hope is that having six brothers takes the mystery out of boys and that she wont want to date, knowing that they are gross, farting, burping, smelly creatures.Posted: , Author: Ninif What about the married mom whose husband has a lil somethin on the side, lends zero help with the kids and blows the mortgage payment on electronics and poker games? What if youre doing it all on your own, but have the financial means to hire extensive help with the kids and house? What about families where custody is civilized and shared 50-50?

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