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Kristin Scott Thomas et François Olivennes, médecin et professeur renommé en gynécologie et en obstétrique, ont eu trois enfants : Hannah (28 ans), Joseph (25 ans) et George (16 ans).Le couple est désormais séparé mais l'héroïne du n'a que des choses positives à dire à propos de son ex.It is Fiennes’s dangerous charisma that has always mesmerised directors, fellow actors and audiences.The theatre director Declan Donnellan, who cast Fiennes in one of his first professional parts, that of Romeo in a 1986 Open Air Theatre production, talked about the “crazed element in his eyes that was very attractive”; Steven Spielberg, who directed Fiennes in Schindler’s List, his breakthrough film role, spoke of “a charm which can cut off and become deadly calm”. His fine, aquiline features have thickened with age, and his hair is sparser than it used to be.

Predominant impression is one of a highly cerebral yarn fraught with ironies, a drama of exceptional people whose fates are played out as a sideshow to sweeping historical events.

L'élégante Britannique installée à Paris depuis qu'elle a 17 ans se souvient aussi de sa propre mère, à qui elle doit d'avoir très tôt été observée.

Le premier pas vers une certaine forme de célébrité : " était d'une grande beauté.

“Before I could stop him,” wrote Jennifer, “Ralph pelted up with a look of intense seriousness.

The ventriloquist asked if he had a song and Ralph launched into an improvisation in a made-up language he’d composed in his cot.

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