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Fortunately, I had no inappropriate uncle, cousin, nephew, father, or stepfather mistreating me. The bad news is that it was my mother's boyfriend, a person I least expected to harm me, but one I now know is the prime candidate for this behavior. He would say or do certain things to feel me out to see how I would respond.I thought he was being kind, thoughtful, and interested in my depressed life.By Michael Cochran & Meghan Cole Most people imagine pedophiles as ugly old men dressed in trench coats, hiding in the bushes, waiting to snatch young children off the street.However, recent television shows, such as , have exposed pedophiles as local neighbors, trusted friends, clergy, babysitters, teachers, and even family members.

Premise Data’s links to the Clintons don’t stop there. Summers, who served as the 71st Secretary of the Treasury under President Clinton, is a director of the company.

He was also Director of the National Economic Council under President Obama.

This is the same Larry Summers who also works at the Center For American Progress, a George Soros funded Super PAC.

My parents separated the year prior and I just wanted to live with my dad in the only home I knew and loved on the south side of the city where all my friends were.

Instead, we moved into a high rise in Hyde Park that was supposed to be glitzy and glamorous.

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