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The first time a patch is installed – as identified by its unique patch code – Windows Installer will make multiple copies.

When the client application (or a setup bootstrap application) installs the package, eventually the package and other information is passed to the Windows Installer that does the actual installation (copying files, writing registry values, etc.).

Similarly, if you would like to look at the status of different updates, you can click the Updates node in the left pane; if you would like to look at the status of different computers and groups, you can click the Computers node in the left pane.

You can print reports on any of the above categories, or on individual computers or updates, by clicking the item for which you want a report and then clicking Status Report in the Actions pane.

The Windows Installer service will validate the file and make a copy into a protected location as seen below.

MSI (s) () [:457]: Executing op: Patch Cache(Patch Id=, Patch Path=C: Windows Installer16005163.msp) ...

When you install a Windows Installer package, many copies of either the MSI or MSP package are created.

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Often I’m asked why installing a Windows Installer patch (MSP) takes as long or longer to install than the target product (MSI).There are a lot of ways your exploit can fail, a bad gadget due to a change by a system update is easily one of them.If this update occurred at a pretty early stage, chances are your exploit will fail a lot, too.The center pane provides a general view of the status of all the computers that report to this WSUS server, and of all the updates known to this server.You can find more information by clicking the status.There are many different ways to see whether updates have been deployed.You can get a general view of the network's update status by clicking the name of the WSUS server in the left pane of the WSUS Administration console.A more economic way is probably have a way to track all these patches, and have some sort of interface to allow quick and easy access to them.Luckily, Microsoft maintains a list of all the patches in an Excel file that you can download here: If you're kind of hardcore with patch diffing, you probably maintain your own database of DLLs.But this may require a lot of disk space, for most people it's probably not worth it unless you have to look at these DLLs pretty much everyday.

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