Nonverbal communication in dating

Knowing that communication is specifically 75% nonverbal or 90% nonverbal holds no practical applications.

The important part is that most communication is nonverbal.

All of our nonverbal behaviors—the gestures we make, the way we sit, how fast or how loud we talk, how close we stand, how much eye contact we make—send strong messages.

These messages don’t stop when you stop speaking either.

When faced with these mixed signals, the listener has to choose whether to believe your verbal or nonverbal message, and, in most cases, they’re going to choose the nonverbal because it’s a natural, unconscious language that broadcasts our true feelings and intentions in any given moment.

The way you listen, look, move, and react tells the other person whether or not you care, if you’re being truthful, and how well you’re listening.

He spends much of his time in various Asian countries and is fluent in Mandarin Chinese.In essence, the way individuals deliver nonverbal messages can be just as important as verbal dialogue.Examples of nonverbal communication include what you wear, how you wear your clothes, facial expressions, body gestures, eye contact, voice, posture, and the distance between you and your audience.Nonverbal communication comprises of your overall body language, including your appearance and posture as a form of communication with others.Rather than using words, people can communicate using nonverbal gestures, facial expressions and eye contact.Nonverbal cues affect how people understand what you are attempting to communicate, and their reaction corresponds to how you delivered your message.If you are expecting a certain response by the receiver of your message, your nonverbal communication affects their response.Consequently, women tend to use nonverbal communication more than men.Women are better than men at interpreting nonverbal signal, according to the website Body Language Expert.He earned a Juris Doctorate from the University of Kentucky College of Law. Nonverbal communication is more immediate, but more ambiguous than verbal communication.Men and women differ significantly in their propensity to use nonverbal communication, their skill in interpreting it and their means of signaling their meaning.

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