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Luke Turner travels to Novosibirsk for the inaugural CTM Siberia, where Russian musicians play alongside international artists in a spirit of unity that goes against current and historical international tensions "Why are you here?

" asks the girl with piercing blue eyes, swaying slightly in the lights outside the lift that carries the audience five floors up to RAGU, a restaurant pressed into service as a nightclub for CTM Siberia.

More than likely it has something to do with watching Threads as a sensitive 13-year-old.

(Or was it watching the first Gulf War on low grade LSD on a black and white portable as a desensitised 20-year-old, perhaps?

So instead we've opted for more of a theme-based overview of the week's events.

Read onward for a baker's dozen of things the Quietus learned at Incubate.

To avoid the unavoidable trigger nouns America and the United Kingdom. I wore my beard, long, ragged and proud, and bus drivers, feeling pity for me, let me travel for free. Fashion, my quivering friend; that's what went wrong. What actually happened was this: I noticed my beard was falling out and went to see my doctor who said it was stress related alopecia. " To which he chortled: "Shave twice a day and hope it doesn't spread north of your eyebrows…

And while 'necessary' is a subjective concept, I would argue that my stress levels warrant preventative measures given that my beard fell out last year. It has been unavoidable for about a year now to venture outside my flat without seeing some Captain shitbeard, looking like an Edwardian naval town rent boy on a skateboard, zipping between a farmer's market and a poetry slam, with a Nicaraguan low-sodium mocchatino to go. My face stays clean until the idiots move on to some other ridiculous trend. Oh, and try not to be so stressed out." Not for me the romantic streak of white appearing in the hair overnight to make me look like Dave Vanian of The Damned.

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Along the way we encountered an excess of excellent music, performance art, Trappist beer of varying shades and strengths, a Greek meal named 'Aphrodite's Boobs', and more than we can attempt to fit into a typical festival review narrative.The week is all about impact music, especially in the 013 building's Kleine Zaal and Stage01, where the systems are powerful enough to shatter audience nerves.A precedent is set early, with King Midas Sound's performance on Wednesday evening (read our live report here) pouring like radioactive waste from the stage and forcing enough energy into the room's walls to turn them into supplementary speakers.'Driving Blind' is turned into a slow and sensuous throb, while the kickdrums on 'Love Cuts' turn the guts to jelly.At times they manage to make the already-rich original versions feel thin and stretched by comparison - Carter's current approach finds him continually tweaking and reshaping the mix, setting Cosey's vocals and guitar to roiling and propulsive grooves.If you are in a European country; simply choose Priority Direct Mail and it will be shipped via Netherlands Direct Mail.*Expedited shipping can not be used for PO Box addresses In addition, the transit time depends on where you're located and where your package comes from. ) Whatever the root cause, I now find it more and more necessary to go on 'news blackout' for days at a time. Men who bed down al fresco behind hedges on A road roundabouts.To read no newspapers and websites detailing planes being shot down; to watch no news bulletins regarding ISIS and FGM; to avoid all journalism where the angle just as much as the actual news contained is likely to cause unbearable anguish; to avoid all the trigger nouns Syria, Ukraine, Israel, Gaza Strip, Palestine, the Caliphate and North Korea. The mavericks, the free thinkers, the imbibers and those unencumbered by a domicile or money. So I apologise now in public for besmirching the good name of their publication with my lies.Picking up on a local electronic music scene that seemed to be thriving without much infrastructure, the Goethe office in Novosibirsk worked with CTM to bring artists from Germany and elsewhere, such as Lorenzo Senni, Helena Hauff, Byetone and Rabih Beaini, to play alongside - and this is very much alongside - young Siberians.The majority of the festival production and booking has been done here, and there's a relaxed feeling to it all, with a hope from the German side that people might see things are done and can be done.

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