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For your convenience they are under the previous owners names. The Rock House on the Homer Road had quite a bit of history of MHS alumni. 1988;single marker for Peggy Marie Almond 9 August 1935 death date is blank. US Army WWI double marker Arria 1903-1996 Beloved Wife. Degrassi: The Next Generation is a Canadian teen drama television series created by Linda Schuyler and Yan Moore.

It was the home of Gwendolyn Almond (Class of 1950), Jamie Almond (Class of 1953) and Turner Almond, Jr. Marriages in the home included Gwendolyn to Billy D. In either late 1999 or 2000, the rocks and bricks were removed; the house, garage and barn were all moved to a location just off the Old Arcadia Road (believed to be at the end of Zack Trail) and the original rocks and bricks were replaced. In the Gardens of Memories, Garden of the Good Shepherd, Section 2, there is Ernest V. 5,8) (verified) Recurring Cast: Ronald Adam as Insp. Her dental records identify her as Mrs Drayton,and her ex-husband eventually confesses to the murder. [04] Scotland Yard: THE BLAZING CARAVAN (32 min) UK release date Feb 1954 BFC no. Snowden written & directed by Ken Hughes photography by J. Burgoyne-Johnson & Ron Bicker film edited by Derek Holding Introduced by criminologist Edgar Lustgarten cast ~Alexander Gauge ...... He is invited to a celebration drink in the local pub. Snowdon first 26 episodes [01] Scotland Yard: THE DRAYTON CASE (26 min)(verified on film) Copyright 1953, UK release date Feb 1953 BFC no. Snowden Written and Directed by Ken Hughes Photography by John Wiles film edited by Derek Holding Introduced by criminologist Edgar Lustgarten cast: Vincent Platt ........... Mrs Drayton (Elizabeth Drayton) John Le Mesurier......... Her body is discovered in a school cellar,and the search begins. Joe Hawkins An Inspector unsmasks a blacksmith as a killer of an old hermit. Synopsis 2: Set in 1938, a salesman visits one of his clients and finds out that he has won the football pools. [09] Scotland Yard: THE SILENT WITNESS (32 min) UK release date Oct 1954 BFC no. Snowden written by James Eastwood directed by Montgomery Tully photography by John Wiles & Ron Bicker film edited by Derek Holding Introduced by criminologist Edgar Lustgarten cast: Ivan Craig ............ Now: In addition to acting, Steele has also focused on her music career, releasing two albums, going on tour and releasing an EP in 2012.That same year, she landed her biggest role since ‘Degrassi,’ starring as Abby Vargas on the short-lived series ‘The L. Complex.’ Then: Before he became Drake, Aubrey Graham was most well-known for his role as Jimmy Brooks, Spinner’s best friend and Ashley’s BF who was infamously shot and paralyzed.During summer break, Adam was involved in a car accident after texting Becky while driving and later passes away during surgery, leaving all of his loved ones in mourning.When Torres was killed off from the series in 2013, controversy ensued, When Degrassi introduced its large and loyal audience to Adam Torres, an authentic, multi-dimensional transgender character, the show not only made television history, but set a new standard industry standard for LGBT inclusion.It is the fourth series set in the fictional Degrassi universe created by Schuyler and Kit Hood in 1979.Like its predecessors, Degrassi: The Next Generation follows a group of students from Degrassi Community School, a fictional school in Toronto, Ontario, and depicts some of the typical issues and challenges common to a teenager's life.Another major problem for Adam had been finding love as a trans man.After numerous attempts at romance, he finally found true love in Becky Baker despite their beliefs.

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