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Dad died two years ago of a heart attack and my mom became even more active in our church.

My moms name is Pat and shes still very attractive with shoulder length hair a petite plump body with nice tits and a perfect round buble butt that jiggles when she walks.

But As I grew up I began to realize how horny she was becoming. She has a proportionate sexy body with soft, round breasts, a flat tummy, perfect ass and long smooth legs. The blouse is usually short and tight which generates an excellent cleavage.

But at home she wears shorts, sleeveless night gowns and sometimes her favorite short white cotton nighty. I decided to open up a little bit and make the conversation more hot!

Mom and dad got divorced when I was a kid and I got to live with my mom. ;-) Me: yes I told you she is good looking with a sexy figure. However, very few of them offer their services for free and very few of them have thousands of users online at any given moment.When using Ome XXX, you're sure to meet sexy people at any hour of the day or night.I have some nasty friends who come around a lot when mom is home so they can get to see her and strike up a conversation. Strangely all this seems to arouse me even more, knowing what is going on in their dirty minds. My room was next to theirs so whenever they had sex, I knew.Even at their age, they were fucking two or three times a week and I was jacking off in the next room with them.It hangs on her shoulders on two thin straps and covers her down till her thighs. Now I was sure this guy was now interested in my mom. I told him that she had good looks and wore saree most of the time. And the best part is, she doesn’t wear a bra when she is at home. All this just drives me mad with temptation but I somehow control myself and limit to just jacking off. I also mentioned how my friends stare at her cleavage and waist and she flirts with them when they come home. Stranger: She must be lonely, or is she dating anyone? I guess they didn't know they were that loud or that I could hear almost every thing they said.Mom would talk very nasty to my dad and I couldn't believe it was my sweet church loving mother talking like that.

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