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This former couple dated for nearly a decade starting in 2002, but their relationship is getting more attention now than it did when they were together.

Last summer, Kunis told Howard Stern that she still recalled the fanfare surrounding Culkin’s presence.

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Armstrong meanwhile recently split from American designer Tory Burch, and broke off his engagement to Sheryl Crow in 2006.

An insider believes however that the new romance is merely a publicity stunt saying: ‘He misses the spotlight now that he’s not competing,’ adding, ‘He doesn’t handle loneliness well, so he overcompensates and makes poor decisions sometimes.

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That desire, that attitude, that arrogance." It's also a play on words: "ruthless" as in Ruth, Babe's last name.

This is not the first time that Ashley has been linked to an older man.

She dated 30-year old club owner Scott Sartiano, and was linked to 35-year old Jared Leto.

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