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He found the security gate locked but the door slightly open and he managed to retrieve the key from the door."After looking all over the house for her, in the kitchen there lay her lifeless body."Ntlatleng said an autopsy, it was hoped, would "ascertain the time and day of her passing".

He said that, among the many messages of sympathy that the family had received there were some "disturbing" ones.

He said the family that "brought her up knew the truth''.

Motsepe played Letti Matabane for a decade on SABC3 soapie Isidingo.

At that moment in time, I felt I was the weakest link at something for the first time in my life.

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I wasn't cutting it."It got so bad that I was almost recast.With headshots remaining the most important and valued tool for the performing artist and actor, Media Inc Magazine got a chance to sit down with one of Los Angeles most reputable and talented photographer whose new career path now also involves filmmaking.MARC CARTWRIGHT has been working in the entertainment business since the 90s starting off as an actor in New York City while attending NYU majoring in Mass Media Human Behavior.27 September 2003At the wedding of Eric's best friend, the groom is attacked and the bride goes missing.Tension increases between Brooke and Eric as Brooke investigates and Eric tries to protect his friend.The man has amnesia and doesn't remember anything.The bullet leads the team to believe that he's connected in some way to the disappearance of young heiress Victoria Farlow and they must decide if "John Doe" is innocent or guilty while trying to figure out his identity and the circumstances of his near-death.One of the people kidnapped is an 8 month pregnant woman who's baby's heartbeat features prominently in Jess's visions.9 January 2005After arresting a dangerous man on the run, Jess and Nicole find a man shot in the head hanging on to life in the trunk of the car he was trying to steal.As Nimrod (also known as Boogy), a newcomer on set, he had a tight schedule that saw him shoot 24 scenes in just three days.And then there was the language issue."I thought I was going to speak Zulu, which I'm most comfortable with, but was told to speak Pedi. That was a challenge."And then came the stars of the show.

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