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Never mind the fact that, when asking the question, he sounded frighteningly like Alan giving his Wolf Pack speech in . good Christ, the footage looks like one of those tapes that gets mailed to Al Jazeera.

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So we are offering free trials when you sign up with a partner for a limited time only! You will get a FREE look into our Award Winning Playbook Pro products and receive all the tools and analysis you need to start WINNING in fantasy sports. Being desperate when heading to the waiver-wire is never a good sign, but sometimes injuries decimate your team and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Litchfield swept the season series winning 8-4 April 20 at home and 4-2 May 11 in Watertown.

Going into tonight’s game, Nick Markakis had a grand total of two home runs this season.

Zobrist hit a liner to center, but Ender Inciarte charged the ball, made a running catch, and then proceeded to throw the ball to second to beat Kris Bryant back and make it a double play.

The part of last night's post-game show most talked about was John Clark's butchering of Cliff Lee's actual name.

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