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Chigaros represented the fire department in many capacities during his 18-year career in Kankakee.

He was promoted to lieutenant in October 1971, captain in October 1974, and assistant chief in December 1982."He touched almost every firefighter in this area," said former Kankakee Fire Chief Ron Young, who met Chigaros when he joined the department in 1984.

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I was impressed with the menu.clean, wholesome food for a tavern. Firstly, I only took away a star because the service was lacking compared to normal.The NLMA might have called their segment “Better Living through Chemicals.” They predicted foresters would use radioactive materials, hormones, and “other stimulating substances” to do things like pre-season the wood, make it fire resistant, and even change the color of the wood while the tree is still growing.Maybe they didn’t get all of that correct, but maybe what hasn’t come to pass still could through a combination of chemical injections and genetic modification.Though he retired from the Kankakee Fire Department in 1986, Bill Chigaros never stopped serving Kankakee County.The 79-year-old deputy director of the Kankakee County Emergency Management Agency died Sunday after battling a recent stroke.Area priests, lead by Monsignor Michael Shershanovich, pastor of St.Joseph Church, gathered at the North Street house of worship to conduct a Blue Mass.Shortly after being installed as bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Springfield in 2004, he began celebrating a Blue Mass each year at St. Mc Donnell retired last year, with his successor Most Rev. Mc Donnell, who hails from New York City, recalled the sacrifices made on Sept.Mitchell Ronzanski continuing the annual tradition. Blue Mass refers to the color of the Class A uniforms worn by police officers and firefighters dating back to a Roman Catholic Mass in 1934 celebrated by the Rev. 11, 2001 after terrorists deliberately crashed two airliners into the twin towers of the World Trade Center.The Catholic service attended by dozens of Berkshire County law enforcement officers, firefighters and EMTs paid tribute to public safety personnel active, retired and who died in the line of duty."Today we thank you for protecting us [and] giving so generously of yourselves, sometimes in very, very extreme situations," Shershanovich said during his homily.

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