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Could you please provide some more details about Ekal School?An Ekal Vidyalaya Class has between 30 and 40 children in the age group of 5 to 14 years, where children are offered 5 years of schooling and primary health care.Character building, cultural values, health and hygiene are also integral part of education to empower entire community. The government machinery is either unable or unwilling to set up schools in these areas.Even if a school is set up in such an area, it is difficult to get and retain dedicated teachers for them.Each year, Spivak comes to the schools, interacts with the students and the teachers and ensures that her project maintains vitality.At the south of Birbhum is one of India’s most famous universities—Shantiniketan, founded by Rabrindranath Tagore on estates that he inherited from his opium-trading family.

It facilitates sponsorship of single teacher (and so the word Ekal) in tribal and remote villages of India.Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak, the famous professor from Columbia University, calls me from rural West Bengal.She is in Birbhum, where Professor Spivak has started seven elementary schools in the rural parts of the district of nearly four million people.The reforms Tagore saw in the Soviet Union did not come from the expenditure of ‘unlimited wealth,’ he wrote, but by ‘indomitable energy and resourceful intelligence.’ It was this that Tagore wanted to harness for the university that became Vishwa-Bharati, the world in India and India in the world.Spivak’s project is more modest, but it is not less ambitious in what it wants for its students—not merely literacy, but the freedom to expand the imagination.This strategy seeks to take advantage of the experience of seasoned activists to expand and strengthen human rights movements.In India, for example, the Fund has supported the Association of Strong Women Alone (ASWA) to challenge pervasive discrimination against (women alone), including single and divorced women, widows, and women abandoned by their families who are denied government benefits and employment opportunities as a result of their social status.Fund For Global Human Rights The Fund for Global Human Rights seeks to maximize the impact of its grantmaking by supporting established human rights organizations to mentor emerging groups working at the state and local levels.At the same time, the Fund provides direct funding to local groups to strengthen their organizations and expand their grassroots base.Several years ago, Spivak began the Pares Chandra and Sivani Chakravorty Memorial Literacy Project.The purpose of the exercise was to expand the horizons of young people who derived few benefits from the modern state.

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