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We had a lot of stories this year, but the following five articles encompass everything 2015 stood for in the department of sex ed and relations. Black loves Goes Digital In a digital world filled with instant connections and fast hook-ups, the dating space has become more difficult for millennials to navigate, especially when dating-while-Black.

Here are my top pics for the best love/sex news of 2015 from Enter Soul Swipe, a new dating app that caters to the need for African Americans to connect with like-minded individuals within their cultural demo.

Read the full article and learn a few facts about the penis you probably didn’t know by clicking here: ebonycom.wpengine.com/love-sex/mandingo-myth – axzz3vqkta Dpu 3.

A Cheating Pass Whenever a brave couple steps forward to admit their adverse ways of keeping their relationship intact, the public often responds in outrage.

Small Penis Goes Viral Black men have a reputation for being blessed with a little more to work with behind their zippers.

But one writer decided to challenge the age-old Mandingo myth after a young man faces his feelings of inadequacy with his penis on an episode of Lifetime’s reality series, . Tia Brown speaks with reality TV star Michael Forbes about his “small penis” and consults the advice of medical professionals to help demystify the stereotypical idea that every Black man is packing in his pants.

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I'm bisexual, predominantly leaning toward women and I like to try new things in the bedroom.

So how about we direct some attention towards couples who are working in the background to keep their relationship working well? Essence Atkins married Jamie Mendez in 2009 after meeting him online through

Hey, who said online dating couldn’t yield great results?

Contributing writer and tech geek Terrance Gains walked readers through the Soul Swipe experience, while comparing it to the specifications of the popular dating app Tinder.

Get to know more about the African-American dating app and determine if soul swiping will be a part of your 2016 plans by clicking the link to the full story: ebonycom.wpengine.com/love-sex/online-dating-with-soul-504 – axzz3vqkta Dpu 2.

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