Dreamweaver library items not updating

In the Preferences dialog box, you can customize the highlight color for library items as well as show or hide the highlight color.To change or hide library highlighting, follow these steps: The Dreamweaver library feature saves time because you can make changes to library items and automatically apply those changes to any or all pages where the library item appears.This connection is important because it enables you to edit the library item later and apply the changes to all pages where the item appears, but it also means that you can’t edit the item on the page where it’s inserted.To add a library item to a page, follow these steps: Library items are highlighted to distinguish them from other elements on a page. You may wonder why the instructions above tell you to click Don’t update in step 4.The reason is that the left_file is contained in the template and in all templates and pages.To edit a library item, follow these steps: If you want to alter a library item on a specific page or on a few pages, you can override the automated library feature by detaching it, or breaking the link between the original item in the library and the item inserted into the page.

You can do it with other technology, but that usually requires that you have server technology like SSI or PHP or that you learn Java Script.You may find that there's a missing tag somewhere — for instance, a missing closing area isn't closed …and so the next editable area (for instance, your content area) is obvious "nested" in the head region. Unfortunately, DW may not alert you by noting that the tag is missing.To create a library item that you can use on multiple pages on your site, follow these steps: You can easily add elements from the library to your pages by simply dragging them from the Assets panel to the page.When you add a library item, the content is inserted into the document and a connection is established.Sometimes the two process streams try to update the same file at the same time and Dreamweaver may crash or the file will not be updated correctly.Unfortunately Dreamweaver doesn’t handle this situation the way that it should, which would be to run one stream first and then run the second one.Dreamweaver calls these include files "library" files and they are stored in the assets of your Web site in the Files tab.Before you can create a library item, you need to create a Dreamweaver site.Some people are encountering Dreamweaver nested editable region errors in Templates with Dreamweaver 8.After some checking, I came across a solution; not sure if it's the only solution, but it works, it's logical, and … Bottom line: check the Template's code well — not just the Editable Region tags.

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