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It should also include information for assessing risk at the financial statement level, such as the integrity of management, use of the financial statements, and any going concern problems or issues.b.

Substantive tests for property, plant, and equipment; debt; and expenses.d.

The determination, scope and prioritization of audits on the audit schedule are based on impact to the company's quality system, findings found in internal, customer, 3rd party audits.

The risk assessment results are used to indicate which audits that Audit and Consulting Services can schedule for the upcoming year and which audits are not expected to receive adequate audit attention.As challenges arise, our professionals are right there, helping you take the next step, through technical expertise and business counsel that instills confidence.Service tax is an indirect tax levied on the services provided by a service provider in India.The audit plan describes the scope of the audit, the details as to address, sites, people, criteria, customers, etc. The schedule is a breakdown of what processes get audited when and by which auditor, by day and times.The schedule is considered part of the audit plan, even if it is a separate document.If you wish to appease the auditor you stated, then the plan should stated in your quality manual.It is should state something to the effect of what areas affect quality and the frequency in which they will be audited.Some auditors do not audit by results or objectives, they want to see a documneted plan in writing.Some are happy with the schedule, and evidence that you are adhering to it, which is proof you have a plan.The Audit Net® Virtual Audit Library (AVAL) is available to the global audit community.The audit strategy and plan should be documented in engagement files.

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