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And to be able to be childlike involves memory; we must never forget any part of ourselves. As an award-winning porcelain doll designer with her own company, who has a specialty in dolls based on book characters (including the characters from her own books for girls,) and as a writer who has written many books and articles, her real mission in life is to share stories.As of this writing I am sixty-one years old in chronology. Her tagline says it best: Believe it or not, I still have it in my trunk.While Emily bemoans her body, Leah presses on in her quest for model stardom and somehow talks Emily into joining her at a two-week modeling school in Chicago.Of course, Emily is horrified at being seen with a multitude of other "Leah's" and their overly thin bodies, their obsessions with clothing, makeup and food (or the lack thereof).

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Photo, Hattery Images, Besaw's, Warby Parker, Helser's on Alberta, ANTHOM, Foodie Girl Fitness, Jenafer, Roberts Of Portland, Beulahland Coffee & Alehouse, Kenton Train Horn Quiet Zone Project, Royal Moments Photography, The Buffalo Gap Saloon & Eatery, House of lolo, Breakside Brewery, Couture Ultra Lounge, High Lakes Health Care, Run Oregon, John Mark Comer, A Jesus Church, Solid Rock: A Jesus Church, Creative Celebrations by Carolyn O' Brien, Brooks Running,, Orbitz, Andrusko & Sons Inc., Michelle's Love, Urology Specialists of Oregon, Make-up By Jenelle, La Petite Marmoset Vintage, Stoller Family Estate, Moonstruck Chocolate Co., Insanity, P90X, Dig A Pony, Gerhard Richter, Erich Mcvey Photography, ST.A lot of times ex-lovers want to pick up where you left off, but that is the wrong move.The relationship obviously didn’t work for a reason.If you are in it just for fun, make sure you don’t lead the other person on into thinking things could get more serious.But if you are actually in it for the long haul, you are putting your own heart on the line.Her best friend, Leah, and herself have done a morphing of sorts.Emily used to be the slender one while Leah was overweight and struggling to fit in."..retain our childlike openness does not mean to be childish.Only the most mature of us are able to be childlike. ." — Madeleine L’Engle What Madeleine L'Engle said here sums up Wendy Lawton and how she taps into her childhood--the reading and the living of it--to dig deep to masterfully create the books and dolls she has over her adult lifetime thus far. Today begins the search for yet another subject/girl to add into her Wendy Lawton's love of books and dolls came with her into her adult life, and continues to be a part of her life.There is no playbook for the perfect do-over since every relationship has its own history and struggles to overcome.However, regardless of your past, these guidelines could help your future look a little brighter: This is the hardest part.

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