Dating jewelry clasp

For you today is this substantial pair of Trifari clip on Hoop earrings, signed TRIFARI (c) with the crown over the 'T', dating them probably to the 1960s. It's hard to tell from the pictures the width of the hoops, but they are not wires; they measure a full 1/8 ". Grab while you can; shipping is free to US, and WW shipping goes first class.This lovely piece, with an art nouveau revival design (1960s-1970s) which includes a curled flower head filled with pave diamante rhinestones.Nephrite, from calcium magnesium iron silicate, is comparatively common, but has long been valued for its strength and hardness.Most people think of the jade used in fine jewelry as a green gemstone, but jadeite is white in its pure form and actually appears in a wide range of colors, including lilac/lavender, pink, brown, red, blue, orange, yellow, and black.If jewelry has hallmarks and they appear authentic, identifying its value is a whole lot easier. How does a budding collector begin to unravel this puzzle?

Jadeite, from sodium aluminum silicate, is the rarer of the two, and is therefore considered precious.

Sometimes you just need a bit of red to add that extra pizzazz to your look, and here's a Trifari single strand necklace just perfect for that.

There are so many ways to use this ever-stylish jewel.

Many countries don’t offer lists of registered makers or their marks. As a result, there is nowhere to research the identity of a signature or mark.

You will only find hallmarks on jewelry made in countries that have laws that require independent testing of metal fineness and that document their makers marks with an official stamp – a government stamp or an independent lab stamp – indicating the results of such testing.

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