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The aspiring officers are counseled that that the right way to deal with women includes doing the ordering at dinner and always walking on the curb side of a street. "Let's face it, a good looking girl isn't going to wait around for anybody," the narrator declares at one point.

"Too many good looking men on the prowl." The bottom line, he says at the end, is clear: "Success with brunettes and blondes or anybody is built upon respect.

We cut together our favorite parts from a 1987 dating service video given to us by David Cross and has since gone on to become a world-wide hit.

Check out the full version on the Found Footage Festival Volume 4 DVD.

"That will show her you're a busy, important person! The officer then proceeds to grab the woman by the arm, half-heartedly help her with her coat and open but not close the passenger door to his car as she enters.

Later in the date, he walks ahead of her, forces her to sit where he wants in the theater as he loudly munches popcorn like a slob, fails to introduce her to an admiral at the restaurant, and is such a garrulous jerk at the formal affair that she announces she's got a cold coming on and wants out.

Doctors In Training can help you reach your peak potential on the USMLE Step 1 exam by providing a structured yet flexible approach for USMLE Step 1 preparation as well as guide you through the high yield information you need to know. All components of the 2017 Step 1 Review Course have been released.

Show videos from a sleek video player designed to blend with any theme.To register and create a user profile, go to and select your language from the drop down menu.Click on the 'Create Account' link on the homepage and the Create a User Profile page will open. Fill in the required information in the new user profile form.Add video tips, tutorials and training to your dashboard or create just the right playlist to fits client needs.Embed videos anywhere, from the dashboard to your homepage.The purpose of these questions is to further build your bank of high yield USMLE Step 1 or COMLEX Level 1 knowledge and fill in any gaps.* Videos are recorded in full HD and streamed to your device using device required resolutions ** We recommend the latest version of Firefox, Chrome or Safari *** Some Android models that include both HTML5 and Flash may have difficulty viewing the videos.For example, all access to Primer, Part 1 and Part 2 of the 2017 USMLE Step 1 Review Course shall expire on December 31, 2018, if access to such component has not already expired by that date.Several Methods to use the Doctors In Training Part 1 Questions and Video Answers The Part 1 questions are posted by mixed subjects so you get used to being able to switch your thought processes from subject to subject, similar to the actual board exam.WASHINGTON — While the Vietnam War was raging, the U. military was coaching aspiring officers on "How to Succeed with Brunettes." Imagine a Pentagon version of "Mad Men" without the sex. It's part of a stash of 2,700 films and videos received from the Pentagon's Defense Visual Information Center and opens an entertaining, at times intentionally tongue-in-cheek, look at America in the mid-1960s. Navy training film produced in 1966 on proper etiquette in dealing with brunettes.

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