Dating inner game diary of dating from a beautiful single woman

The conscious mind is the rational, logical, analytical, thinking part of the mind.The conscious mind is constantly taking in information from the five senses, then it uses logic and reason to analyze the inputs and comes to conclusions about whether the input is true or false.If you consciously practice them, you may just find yourself attracting women from all around you… Believe in yourself and you will radiate confidence. Nobody is trying to screw you (except the hot blond of course).2) The Outcome Doesn’t Matter A common tragedy that often occurs during dating is when guys become outcome driven. I meet a lot of people who are never satisfied with what they have. They just want to control every situation that they are “suppose” to have control over. If something is out of your control, suck it up and move on.When you first start, this stuff might not make any sense.But as you practice it, pieces will fall into place. At this point, you will start picking up on more and more of women’s subtle clues. Alpha men with the inner game nailed, the ones who get it (as in understand the mating dance) are instantly accepted by women, while men who don’t get it are instantly rejected (and don’t get any, as in sex). Your mind has two components: The conscious and the subconscious.Inner game is the coined phrase for what is happening inside your mind.Your eyes, body and voice subtlety communicate to those around you how you feel about yourself.

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Your information has radically changed the way I think...

There are a lot of techniques out there developed by dating innovators that can help you on success with women.

There is probably a response technique or cheesy line that has been recorded somewhere that can generate attraction for anything that a woman may say to you. You can chose to blame everything around you for your problems or move on and make good of what you have.

When you develop your inner game, you can arouse attraction from women without even knowing it. A number of women succumb to the demands of life while they complain and blame something else for their own lowly predicaments. To women, having a positive guy is like having a banana during a tennis game.

What you do becomes more natural without a hint of using any memorized lines or sneaky techniques. Your flirting becomes natural and you will not notice something that is natural… If you think that you should attempt to build some lame rapport by mirroring a woman’s depression, you are only going to get her to pity you. I’ve seen guys being all manly and fun while being with teh guys but becomes a weeping pussy while being around a girl that he want to bring home. Be wary of women who insistently tries to pull you into her depression.

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