If a bak­er has a reli­gious objec­tion to same-sex mar­riage, would a law that doesn’t allow him to refuse to sell to a same-sex cou­ple for their wed­ding vio­late his First Amend­ment rights?

Feminism, Muslim, and True: Y ORO QO This "aussie bloke" is obviously a true feminist, judging by his resilience to slashing damage.

Now decide males, do you want to get killed by these "muslim terrorists", or would you rather convert to feminism and have the chance of attackers missing you or dealing glazing blows increase?

51 minutes ago (edited) 51 E 2 m'lady, you're as wise as ever 49 minutes ago Well said 48 minutes ago Birthday, I Bet, and Sears: Shane Warne Like This Page 7 hrs Great to catch up with my gorgeous Aussie friend Emily Sears last night for dinner 8 no wasn't at Chris Martins birthday.


Sapphire's Earplay is a show that mixes her love of Pop Culture and Sexuality all into one show!

And after alot of back and forth, waiting for the mix from our man in Sweden, our label (Sublife Productions) told us they couldn`t give us the time and money they originally offered us.

So this means we are free to look for other labels or financial contributors of some sort, to support the release.

Erlend: well, I would say that`s The Allseeing I, since it`s the only band where I contribute with half of the songs, and thusly it has become my baby over the years.

Unlike all the other bands I play, I merely contribute with basslines, not songs or riffs.well, we recorded the album Holodemiurgia around christmas 2005.

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