Celebrity dating derek jeter

The Derek Jeter Celebrity Herpes Saga Derek Jeter seems like a pretty decent guy who is probably harmless.

Word has it though that this captain may have spread herpes all over the place to a good number of people.

And another big question is; why do these seemingly sweet ladies like Jessica Alba fall for this? Can it be safely said that Derek Jeter’s Herpes tree will be the greatest legacy he leaves behind?

After all, Derek Jeter is well known for spreading herpes, apart from his other exploits. Many people happen to have Herpes, since sex is not the only way that it is spread.

We have seen Jeter with numerous ladies that we expected - and often hoped - he would finally settle down with. Jeter and Dutta were spotted together shortly after she won the 2000 Miss Universe Pageant. Dutta is one of the bigger stars in her native India courtesy of roles in Bollywood hits such as "Om Shanti Om" and "Billu Barber" which many of you may have seen.

Every time the public has come to expect him to finally have found the 'one,' we get another one of those breakup tabloids. Many of you may remember the name Rachel Uchitel from the Tiger Woods saga. Jeter and Uchitel spent time together back in 2008.

Minka Kelly will be taking her talents elsewhere as she and the Yankees' captain are no longer an item.

He doesn't seem close to settling down anytime soon considering he has been playing the field for years.It is a great fact however that these celebrities do not let the illness or the stigma associated with it defines them or their careers. The big question however is; why does Derek keep on spreading this disease without any form of repercussions?Should there not be legal or even societal consequences for this act?Does this mean that the large Jeter Herpes tree is his one great legacy?To say that this tree is large is not an exaggeration since even celebrities are in this number.It was first reported that Jeter was dating the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover model in 2012, after the pair were spotted together at a New York club and dining in a Tampa, Florida restaurant Yankees legend and captain Derek Jeter has become famed not only for his prowess on the field but also off it.Here is a list of the many beautiful women the former short-stop has dated over his illustrious career.Carey was also at the top of her game, releasing the albums The current wife of Nick Lachey, Vanessa Minnillo formerly dated Jeter back in 2003.At the time Minnillo was hosting MTV's "Total Request Live" and was a former Miss Teen USA. Seriously, the man gives George Clooney a run for his money. In fact, his romantic life is almost as storied as the five-time World Series champion's baseball career.

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