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The Mentors are all apart of the Welcoming Committee on Bungie.net, created in 2012 with members receiving the title 'Mentor' on June the 24th, 2014.

They were the first and only security role to be added to since the previous member title system was removed with the recent site update "Bungie. There is no public information on how Mentor selection works, but those selected are notable forum regulars who are often found assisting new members on the help forum and generating community content.

From this vision, The project began in January 1996 with four programmers, two artists, and a product manager; midway through development, one programmer dropped out and an artist was added.

Music, sound effects, and cut scenes were done out-of-house, and a few artists were contracted to help with interface artwork.

Our original design document, if you could call it that, was simply opposing lists of "Stuff that Rocks" and "Stuff that Sucks." Anything vaguely cliché, such as excessive references to Tolkien novels, Arthurian legend, or "little boys coming of age and saving the world," went in the "Sucks" category.

The "Stuff that Rocks" list was filled with ideas that contributed to the visual realism of the game: a true 3D landscape, polygonal buildings, reflecting water, particle-based weather, "blood-spattered battlefields littered with limbs," explosions that send shock waves through the terrain, and "lightning frying guys and their friends." Our goals for the product were lofty: simultaneous release on Windows 95 and Macintosh platforms, integrated Internet play, and a free online service to allow players from across the globe to battle one another.

Everytime I check my service record, it shows the normal spartan model (black default armor etc.).

This shows up at everybody's service record I check: for example, my own service record: when I check ske7ch's service record (bungie employee) it shows the armor he is wearing ingame: Also, you don't have to be a bungie employee to have this option, because a friend of me also has this and he has no idea how he got it (Waterverve NL): nl&sg=0 So, anyone here knows how to get your spartan model on your service record?

There's some pro caliber discussion being delivered in this particular Podcast, the details driven by a pair of veteran designers.

Yeah, they disabled the feature for a while, meaning that if you didn't get online and change your armor around quick enough (ie.

before they disabled the feature) you would either not have a player model at all, or you'd have the default armor and colors.

Destiny 2 is an action shooter that takes you on an epic journey across the solar system.

In the cinematic campaign, you’ll enter a world filled with compelling characters and fight to take back our home.

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