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A part of my surf fishing gear was the surf casting rod pictured above. As you can see in the photo it is rated for 15-30 lb. I selected graphite for the lighter weight and greater flexibility which provided more whipping action. You don't want the weight to go flying through the air and injuring anyone.So these precautions must be adhered to for the safety of those around you.Selecting a good baitcasting rod can be a bewildering experience for an angler who wants the most for their money.With numerous array of good fishing rods available to anglers today, finding a good rod that suits one’s preferences is not that easy.Disadvantage: weight; it’s difficult for anglers to detect subtle strikes or bait pickups.

It’s able to withstand the abuse on boats and rough seas and is a tried and trusted general all-around rod material.

It may sound strange and you may feel a bit out of place, but I recommend you practice your casting before you go the beach.

Chances are when you go to the beach there will be other people walking past or around you.

This is no time to be learning how to cast a surf rod.

I encourage you to go to an open field somewhere and practice your casting before you go the beach. As this was my first surf fishing rod I didn't want to spend too much money. After about of year of fishing I moved up to a graphite surf fishing rod. When casting a surf rod there is tremendous stress put on the line by the momentum of the surf rod and weight.

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