Bamyan in afghanistan predating plain jane dating

Bamiyan is located between the Indian subcontinent (to the southeast) and Central Asia (to the north), which made it an important location close to one of the most important branches of the Silk Route.The Silk Route was an ancient series of linked trade routes that connected the East to the West and carried both material wealth and ideas.The green concrete walls of this compound jar somewhat with the brown, mud brick architecture of Bamiyan Valley.But the hotel is probably the largest foreign private investment in Bamiyan's fledgling tourism industry since the overthrow of the Taliban eight years ago.Yasui proudly points to an electric dishwasher, perhaps the only one of its kind in this battle-scarred Afghan province.

In March 2001 Taliban leader Mullah Mohammed Omar ordered the Buddhas destroyed.

The TUTAP commission established by President Ghani following massive protests recently decided in favour of the Salang route for a north-south power line.

The commission ruled further that Bamyan should get its own 220KV power line by 2019.

Aid workers say tourism is one of the greatest economic hopes for reviving this isolated, yet visually -- and archaeologically -- stunning part of Afghanistan, a region that has seen little infrastructure development over the last eight years, even though Bamiyan is one of the safest parts of the country.

"The natural resources and cultural resources here are probably the single best place for economic development to happen, around revitalizing the tourism industry here," says Bob Thelen, the representative for the Aga Khan Development Network in Bamiyan.

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