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In search of a better life and with aspiration to be a comedian, Carr moved to Manchester right after completing his degree in his early 20s.

As an inspiration for his comedic work, he moved from cities to cities.

That could've been one awkward trip to the dentist. Paul luckily isn't into kids either."Well at least they agree on that.

Alan Carr recalled the romantic moment: "He asked me to marry him in Lombok... And then I was like, 'Oh my God, a filling's come out, just my luck on holiday.' I pull it out and it's this ring and then the man on the organ starts singing Can you feel the love tonight? Although there's no wedding date as of yet, Alan is excited about getting knee deep in planning the event. I'm sure they'll have plenty to dispute about when the wedding planning starts properly.

Sharing the podium with Mel Sykes is an added bonus because I know with her it will be a giggle.

What is it about the British LGBT Awards that sets it apart from the increasing number of LGBT accolades that are out there?

Ahead of the glitzy ceremony on 12 May, I caught up with the award's host, comedian and broadcaster Alan Carr to find out what was in store. As a past winner you’ve experienced the whole thing on other side of the podium, are you excited to be hosting this time around?

AC: Yes, I'm really looking forward to it, I always end up bumping into mates I haven’t seen in ages, so it turns into a work do slash belated Christmas drinks slash gay old knees up.

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Sonia Woodley QC, defending Mr Collins, who is on trial at St Albans Crown Court, asked Miss Larke: "You once tried to throw yourself in front of a car, didn't you? He [Collins] tried to push me in front of a car when he was drunk out of his head. We were walking down the street and he was shoving me and pushed into traffic. I was lucky a man who was walking along caught me before I fell in front of the cab." Miss Woodley asked: "Alan Carr can confirm this can he? "I think he felt very guilty about that which is why he furnished me with gifts." The court heard Collins bought Miss Larke diamond earrings, a Sony computer, a digital camera and a whole new wardrobe from Selfridges."The whole atmosphere was just horrible, I didn't want it. "I had to walk for a while to get a taxi at God knows what time in the morning."It wasn't a nice thing to do." Mr Collins denies the allegations and claims Miss Larke is a "fantasist" who made up the allegations because she was insecure about their relationship. The British LGBT Awards take place this week with a whole host of activists, campaigners and celebrities coming together to celebrate the achievements of the queer community.The awards, which are held annually, celebrate individuals and organisations which work to advance the rights of LGBT communities; with previous winners including Sir Ian Mc Kellen, Nicola Adams and Evan Davis.There is an honesty in this show that people will appreciate.“I talk about my partner. I didn’t want to start lying and saying I still live on my own in Stretford.My partner doesn’t necessarily like being part of the show but I said to him, ‘Look, it’s paying the bills. Comedy bought them so stop moaning’.”Alan’s next show will be at Leeds Grand Theatre on June 28.Two National Television Awards, two British Comedy Awards and a BAFTA TV Award winner Alan Carr is popular as an English comedian and television personality.Born on 14 June 1976, in Weymouth, Dorset, England, Alan is best known for his presenting skills and comic timing.What are your thoughts on the reports that are coming out of there? If someone had told me that I would live in a generation that had 'concentration camps' then I would have spat my tea out and said ‘bollocks,' but yes if the reports are true this is worrying. I know Angela Merkel has confronted [Vladimir] Putin about it, we just need Theresa May to show some of those 'strong stable leadership' skills she keeps telling us about and confront him too.Do you think Chechnya will be addressed on the night of the British LGBT Awards?

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