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I regularly find myself imagining what it would be like to experience childhood through the technology-enhanced lens of the modern world.

From cartoons rendered with mind-blowing CGI and in full HD -- not to mention no longer restricted to the weekends -- to touch screens and Facetime while parents travel for work, life as a youngster must be pretty magical.

Jib Jab, which is approaching its 15th birthday and has been profitable for many years running according to Spiridellis, will invest significantly in scaling the reach and underlying infrastructure of the Hello Santa product.

Insects and microbes do not die, and the sick and injured gain no release from their suffering.Imagine that first time your kindergartener comes home from school crying because there’s no santa being able to line up a video chat with the big guy in which he knows your kids name, his dog’s name, and what he wants for Christmas. “We believe the Santa myth is ripe for reinvention,” says Jib Jab co-founder and CEO Gregg Spiridellis.Hello Santa has been around for several years, but its founders Dorian Collier Jordan Lyall, and Sam Dassanayake, all of whom will join Jib Jab, simply lacked the resources to grow it beyond a local niche product.Today, Santa Monica-based digital entertainment startup Jib Jab Bros Studios is adding one more experience to that magical list with its acquisition of Make Believe Labs and its Hello Santa service for an undisclosed sum.The service allow parents to set up personalized live and pre-recorded video calls with Santa Claus.As parents, we dare to dream of being free and spontaneous (sigh! It’s a scenario new dad Hamish Blake and radio partner Andy Lee have parodied perfectly in a LOL-worthy new video.Mimicking a saucy adult phoneline chat, ‘Parent Fantasy Hotline’ sees a heavy-breathing Hamish calling Andy and delighting in all the details of his mate's commitment-free, sleep-heavy weekend. The alien is promptly swatted and the invasion is called off since their scout has been slain.Featured Characters: In the year 2061 a car thief decides that Earth is too hot for crime and heads for Jupiter where he has heard that judges give light sentences.It observes an automobile devour both a human and a dog (as they enter it) and assumes the automobile superior to them both.The creature has a difficult time deciding which life form to morph into when it spies flies and concludes they must be dominant due to their power of flight and ubiquitous presence.

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