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The company says it will release an upcoming software update to prevent this issue from affecting i OS devices in the future.

The new page suggests anyone affected by the problem should contact Apple Support for assistance.

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However, if you have never had any difficulties with dates, this suggests that you have never had to work with dates - as dates usually mean problems. Linux is the direct descendant of Unix and most other operating systems in use to day owe a great deal to Unix.

- 1) seconds from the beginning( 1 January 1970), i.e., on 19 January, 2038 GMT.

This is referred to as the "Year 2038 problem" where the 32-bit Unix time will overflow and will take the actual count to negative. The first layer encodes a point in time as a scalar real number which represents the number of seconds that have passed since the beginning of UTC Thursday 1, January 1970.

Some of the examples also show International Atomic Time (TAI), another time scheme, which uses the same seconds and is displayed in the same format as UTC, but in which every day is exactly 86400 seconds long, gradually losing synchronization with the Earth's rotation at a rate of roughly one second per year.

Unix time is a single signed integer number which increments every second, without requiring the calculations to determine year, month, day of month, hour and minute required for intelligibility to humans.

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